Repertoire Analyses for the Boys' Changing Voice Choir

October 26, 2010 / By: Stephanie Phelps

The problem of this thesis is to find and analyze suitable music for the boys' changing voice choir.  The sub-problems were as follows: (1) What are the characteristics of boys changing voices?; (2) What criteria should be used to choose choral literature for the boys’ changing voice choir?, and (3) Is it possible to create a template for analysis of appropriate and fitting literature that will be useful to educators who work with changing voice students in their choirs? 

Not until the last 50-60 years has it been a widely excepted view that boys should sing while going through their voice change and because of this, research on the boys’ changing voice and repertoire for the boys’ changing voice choir have been minimal.  Many teachers are not equipped with the knowledge needed to select repertoire for the boys changing voice choir and teach that repertoire in an engaging way.  This thesis provides  appropriate music selections, along with teaching guides which include extensive research around the topics related to the selection, and in-depth analysis for the selections for the boys’ changing voice choir. 

The process of writing this thesis involved researching the boys’ changing voice in order to select appropriate music.  After the music was selected, information was gathered about the composer, composition, historical and geographical background.  The music was then analyzed for its’ musical elements and teachable concepts.

This study found that acquiring knowledge about the boys’ changing voice helped her become better able to choose appropriate repertoire for her boys’ changing voice choir and completing in-depth research and analysis on this repertoire helped the director understand the background, history and musical elements to a better degree and will therefore be better able to teach the music in an engaging way.