Recruiting, Retaining, and Motivating Band Students in South American International Schools

May 2, 2018 / By: Katherine Marie Jubert

The purpose of this paper was to examine research and personal experiences of some successful music educators around the topics of building and recruiting band programs, retaining band students, and motivating instrumentalists. Questions explored in this paper included: Why are some band programs successful?; How do band programs retain high numbers of students?; What causes band programs to fail?; and How can teachers best motivate students to stay in band? Common themes found in the literature suggested that recruiting night is an important part of the process as well as holding students to high expectations and setting goals. Research also suggested that using twenty-first-century technology and creating a band culture within the school were also important. The paper closes with an application section looking at the review in relation to international education in South America and gives insight into some the personal struggles and achievements the author has experienced throughout her career as an international school music educator.