Pedagogical Processes for Five Choral Octavos Suitable for Use With Elementary Choirs

December 1, 2011 / By: Jennifer Walker

The focus of this master's project is to show pedagogical processes for five choral octavos suitable for use with elementary choirs comprised of children in grades four, five, or six.  The love and artistry of singing needs to be the cornerstone of any elementary general music program and the perfect outlet for fostering those skills is the elementary choir.

It is crucial for teacher-conductors to organize learning into meaning-making activities in which students are served by pedagogical approaches that are child-centered, creative and pedagogically sound.  Often, beginning teachers are not equipped with the knowledge of how to teach elementary students in a choral setting. This is most likely the result of the fact that many undergraduate degree programs contained separate courses in beginning and advanced conducting and elementary general music.

This master's project is designed to present the teacher-conductor with a pedagogical process for incorporating song presentation plans into an elementary choral experience.  The plans were designed with the hopes that they are engaging for both the students and teacher-conductor and with a focus on the development of the musical mind of young singers.