Partsongs of Charles Villiers Stanford & Edward Elgar that are Vocally & Pedagogically Appropriate..

August 8, 2016 / By: Benjamin J. Henschel

The purpose of this project is to identify partsongs written by Charles Villiers Stanford and Edward Elgar that are appropriate for study and performance by high school singers of varying ability levels. Appropriateness is assessed using a rubric that evaluates the text, demands on the singer's breath management, range and tessitura of voice parts, intonation challenges, rhythmic challenges, accessibility of harmonic language (dissonances) and sight reading opportunities. Recommended partsongs pass all or all but one of these categories. The results section sorts pieces first by composer, then by voicing to remove one of the largest determining factors of difficulty from the rubric. Within each voicing category pieces are presented with their overall score (out of seven) and a brief commentary with further explanation including the author's recommendations.