Kodály-Based Choral Development in a Bilingual, Bicultural Setting

April 13, 1992 / By: Clarice M. Marquart

"Kodály had a vision of what music could mean to humanity, and it was realized in the case of those who worked closely around him" (Bacon 1978,44). Zoltán Kodály's concern with "the creative, humanizing enrichment of life through music" was fundamental to that vision (Mark 1986, 123). The guiding principle of his life's work was his belief in the significant role which music played in the development of humankind. Kodály, therefore, wanted the treasures of music to belong to the greatest number of people (Zemke 1977, 10).

This capstone project demonstrates the understanding and application of implications Kodály intended for educators to realize as they bring the treasures of music to children (Kodály 1974, 205). It developed out of an interest in Kodály-based music education and elementary choral development. Furthermore, it reflects an interest in developing music programs for culturally diverse student populations.