Hebraic Repertoire for Treble Voices

August 2, 2012 / By: Amy Jo Cherner

Many adults continue their professional development throughout their careers. In the choral profession, conductors continue to grow as musicians and teachers by working on gesture, exploring pedagogical techniques, and expanding their knowledge of choral repertoire. Choral directors go to conventions, read articles, and listen to publishers’ CD packs to find new and exciting music to present to their choirs. It is important to stay abreast on current music because it is crucial that choral directors have a diverse amount of repertoire representing many cultures and historical periods.

Hebraic choral music represents a culture that is often omitted in programming considerations. While Hebraic choral music is typically associated with and performed during holiday concerts to represent Chanukah, there is a vast amount of sacred and secular Hebraic choral music for all types of choirs that are appropriate throughout the year. Once choral directors are knowledgeable about the history of Hebraic choral music, and understand where they can find it and how to program it, then they are more likely to include it in their choral curriculum. This project seeks to educate choral conductors regarding the history and nature of Hebraic choral music and provide a data base of Hebraic choral music written for treble choirs.