Developing Comprehensive Musicianship in High School Choir

April 26, 2011 / By: Nathan Knoll

The intent of this study was to demonstrate a way of integrating comprehensive musicianship into high school choral rehearsals quickly and easily.  Three sub problems were derived: What principles of comprehensive musicianship should be taught? How can they be taught? How can performance demands be balanced with comprehensive musicianship pedagogy?

After examining the related literature of comprehensive musicianship pedagogy in choral music, it was determined that creating a student handbook would be an effective way to begin incorporating comprehensive musicianship principles into existing choral programs.  The handbook contains historical context, composer biographical information, important musical elements, technical considerations, conductor’s comments and selected recordings.

It was concluded that the handbook is an effective entry point for comprehensive musicianship pedagogy.  It is hoped that as teachers gain more facility with the approach they develop unit plans that incorporate specific teaching strategies and assessments.