Contemplative Pedagogy in the High School Choral Classroom

August 1, 2018 / By: Katelyn A. Larson

Research shows that contemplative practices can have a positive impact on teacher pedagogy and student learning at every academic level (Repetti, 2010; Sherretz, 2011; Langer, Cohen, & Djikic, 2012; Diaz, 2013; Motha, 2015; Hilton, 2016; Brendel & Cornett-Murtada, 2018). Less prevalent, however, are sources that discuss how certain contemplative practices can be useful within the context of high school vocal music education. The objectives of this paper are to: 1) encourage music educators to become reflective practitioners by developing their own mindfulness practice, 2) show how the use of contemplative practices, such as mindfulness, can aid in building culture and community in the choral classroom, and 3) discuss practical ways for choral directors to embed contemplative practices into their curriculum and pedagogy.