Beyond the Class: Musicking for Families with Young Children

April 29, 2018 / By: Rachael L. Doudrick

Parents of young children who want to support their early music learning may often feel ill-equipped to be musical teachers for their children.  Even when guided by a music educator through an active, musically enriching class, parents struggle to make music with their children beyond class time.  As department chair of the Young Musicians program at Pasadena Conservatory of Music in Pasadena, CA, the author has identified the need for a curriculum to support parents and caregivers in making music with their children outside of music class.   After reviewing literature regarding best practices and the current standards for music education in Pre-Kindergarten, the author presents an original curriculum for parents and caregivers of children enrolled at Pasadena Conservatory of Music.  The curriculum scope and sequence for nine months of instruction is organized thematically around desired musical behaviors, standards, and outcomes.  It will be delivered to parents during music classes, once a month, over the school year. Assessment will take place through parent reporting, either on a social media platform, or in guided class discussions.