Benefits of Music Educ in Early Childhood & Lesson Plans to Foster those Benefits in a K Setting

December 5, 2016 / By: Megan L. Bey

The purpose of this project was to explore the benefits of music education in early childhood. Benefits of music education for children in kindergarten and younger include creative opportunities, exposure to one's own and others' cultures, the chance to discover one's own potential, reading and phonological benefits, spatial temporal development, improvement in arithmetic and numerical reasoning, and an increase in prosocial behaviors. There is also evidence that these benefits are more likely to develop in children who are taught music by a music specialist A section which outlines curriculum ideas and lesson plans is included and can be used by either kindergarten classroom teachers or music specialists. Each lesson is inspired by a particular benefit of early childhood music education and focuses on an aspect of music which the research has shown provides the greatest improvement in that benefit area.