An Investigation to Explore Forest Lake Area Schools’ Elementary Music Specialist...

August 2, 2012 / By: Lisa Sauer

A clear, consistent approach to teaching triple meter is necessary to improve students’ perception and understanding. What is the best way to enhance students’ learning of this musical concept and how can their learning be assessed?

The intent of this study was to explore Forest Lake Area Schools’ elementary music teachers’ methods in regard to instructing and assessing elementary music students and their understanding and perception of triple meter. Four sub-questions were examined. (1) At what age or grade is triple meter part of the instructional lesson? (2) What media are used to help instruct triple meter? (3) What types of assessments are used to gather data in regard to students’ understanding and perception of triple meter? (4) How frequently are individual students’ achievements assessed?  

Data were collected through a self-administered online survey, in which responses were submitted anonymously. The results of the survey indicate that overall many different methods for presenting triple meter are used in fourth-grade classrooms. Fourth-grade students have more instruction with triple meter and are the most proficient across the district compared to second- or third-grade students.