An Examination and Resource Guide of Non-Western European SATB Selections of the World Voices

July 28, 2011 / By: Brandy Klingel Gullickson

The problem of this study was to identify the non-Western European SATB multicultural repertoire performed by the professional choral ensemble, World Voices and determine what performance assistance/notes can be found in the octavos and on websites, which may enrich the teaching of this repertoire.  The sub-questions of this thesis were: What was the nature, role, and performance repertoire of the choral ensemble, World Voices?; What cultures/countries constitute the non-Western European SATB choral literature within the World Voices performance repertoire?; What publishing companies are represented within the World Voices repertoire?; and, Within each publishing company, what performance assistance/notes are available in their choral octavos and on their websites?

A biography of Dr. Karle Erickson, the founder of World Voices, is included along with a review of literature related to America’s increasing need for the inclusion of multicultural music in music classrooms.  With over 680 octavos in the World Voices choral library, 128 pieces were non-Western European SATB voiced representing twenty-seven publishing companies and eight world regions: Continent of Africa, Asia, Central/South America and Islands, Canada/First Nations, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Native America, and Russia.  A review of the history of twenty-two publishers together with a list of    represented literature, a description of octavo information, and website information were included in this thesis.