A Transcription and Analysis of Urban Playground Singing Games and Chants for Pedagogical Use

March 16, 2011 / By: Rachel Leigh Widen Wixson

The problem of this thesis was to transcribe eight authentic urban playground singing games and determine their pedagogical implications in an elementary music currriculum. The sub-questions of this thesis were: What do the collected singing games contain in areas of form, meter, rhythmic, and melodic elements that can be applied to the music curriculum?; What is within the singing games that can further the skill development in the areas of movement and improvisation?; and How can these singing games be applied to a regular elementary music curriculum?

A review of singing game collections containing urban playground singing games is included. Found within the literature are a number of authentic resources published for educators looking to expand their collections, compiled together in this thesis.

Ten singing games were recorded and transcribed. All ten were included in the thesis.