A Standards-Based Curriculum in the Middle School Band Classroom

April 24, 2017 / By: Matthew Potter

This paper will discuss how music education was forced to respond to politically-charged events, and how the first standards in music education were developed in 1994. In response to the Common Core State Standards initiative, the music standards were revised and re-released in 2014 with the National Coalition of Core Arts Standards. After an overview of how the standards-based movement impacted music education in the United States, this paper will exemplify how the standards movement impacted the author's school district. Based upon the author's experience, this paper will explain how one school district transcribed their courses into a specific standards-based curriculum format using power standards and learning targets. The paper outlines the author's middle school music department's standards-based music ensemble curriculum, and how several problems arose in the writing process. Finally, the author will revise the middle school music department's standards-based curricula, in hopes of providing a model for others.