A Repertoire Resource List of Children's Choral Music Analyzed Using the Model of Teaching Music...

May 12, 2012 / By: Sarah Ludwig Cohen

The intent of this project was to provide a collection of Repertoire Resource Guides suitable for children’s choir using the model presented in the Teaching Music through Performance in Choir series, and to offer accompanying song presentation plans for select pieces as a means to demonstrate the application of the information provided in the resource guides. The primary objective was to support children’s choir directors by offering a resource listing of quality choral music and to assist teacher-conductors in teaching this repertoire in a manner that encourages the growth of musicianship skills in a performance-based music education classroom.

The eight pieces used in this project were: Bee! I’m Expecting You, by Emma Lou Diemer, The Clouds by Cynthia Gray, Velvet Shoes by Randall Thompson, Sesere eeye as taught by Matthew Doyle, Spirits by Douglas Beam, Wisselton, Wasselton by Alan Bullard, Salangadou by Susan Brumfield, and A Zing-A Za by Mary Goetze. Accompanying song presentation plans were written for The Clouds, Velvet Shoes, Sesere eeye, and Wisselton, Wasselton. Songs included in the repertoire resource guides were selected with consideration for a range of genres, styles, cultures, pedagogical implications, and difficulty levels.

The project investigated the criteria used in selecting quality children’s choral repertoire, the analysis method of the Repertoire Resource Guides as modeled in the Teaching Music through Performance in Choir series, and addressed the components of effective song presentations for young singers. Additionally, it synthesizes the researched information with effective instructional techniques by providing song presentation plans that foster the musicianship skills and musical concepts of students in a choral setting.