A Choral Process in Practice: Preparing and Planning for Creative Rehearsals and Artistic Perf...

December 7, 2014 / By: Megan L. Ofstedal

This project presents a comprehensive model of preparation and planning for the choral conductor-teacher that combines existing models with ideas for long-term calendar planning. The score analysis and brainstorming processes are based on Sandra Snow’s method of visual mapping; presenting the repertoire is based on the song presentation plans found in Educating Young Singers by Goetze, Broeker, and Boshkoff; and dividing these plans among daily rehearsals is based on Donald Neuen’s “minutes-per-piece-per-rehearsal method.” The project also includes a long-term plan in calendar form that considers the number of rehearsals before a given performance.

To illustrate this model, three treble choral pieces suitable for high school women were selected and the methods above were applied to each piece. This project offers conductor-teachers a preparation and planning process that is thorough and artistic-one that leads to engaging, insightful rehearsals and successful performances.