A Beginning String Program: The Blending of Traditional and Suzuki Methodologies

May 1, 1993 / By: Enid Hope Lang

As music educators we face some great challenges in the 1990's. One of these challenges relates to the string program. We have to ask three questions in providing a string program of high quality. First, how should a string program be set up if the students are often removed from other classes for participation? Second, how should instruments be acquired? Third, how can beginning string students receive a musical experience that includes encouragement and motivation to continue on instruments that require so much time and effort to play because of their extreme difficulty?

This project provided some needed information for a teacher of beginning string students. The lesson plans included would be of interest to any music teacher whether or not he or she is a string major. Through the blending of traditional and Suzuki methodologies, I attempted to provide the best of both for the beginning string class.