An Explorative Study of Games in Private and Group Piano Lessons

May 9, 2013 / By: Minghui Phebe Yeo

Integrating games into our music teaching is not an unfamiliar method, but it has been neglected and should be revived in our music teaching experiences. Research has shown that teachers and students (both individual students and those who may be interacting with their peers) all benefit from the learning that occurs when games are used in the teaching process. Benefits come not only in the area of self development, but also in the area of expanding knowledge because games make teaching music engaging, exciting and interactive. However, teaching with games is not as straightforward as it may first seem. Research shows that inventing a well-designed game and game process is an important factor in the learning experience. This paper explains how to invent games that can act as an effective and safe method of teaching whereby involved students participate personally in their learning journey.