An Exploration of the Bodymind & Voice Approach to Voice Education in the Middle School Choral Set

December 3, 2012 / By: Shannon Elizabeth McCauley

The intent of this study was to review the philosophies, science-based beliefs, and fundamental voice education topics found within the book set, Bodymind and Voice: Foundations in Voice Education, while also providing practical applications for use in the middle school choral setting. The heart of this document focuses on body and voice awareness, human-compatible teaching and learning, and specific information related to the teaching of middle school students. Music educators will benefit from this overview, as it provides a single and concise resource addressing vocal pedagogy for young singers within the Bodymind and Voice approach. As a realization of the ideas presented, as a conclusion, this paper also presents a theoretical sequence of presenting this material to students in a middle school choral setting. It is hoped that this sequence might provide an approach for other middle school choir directors to consider for use in their adaptation of Bodymind and Voice for their choirs.