A Multicultural Analysis of the Core Repertoire Taught in Sioux Falls School District Elementary...

May 26, 2012 / By: Leonard Owen Davis

The purpose of this project was to identify the core singing and listening repertoire according to the Sioux Falls School District elementary vocal music curriculum and pacing guides. This core repertoire was then analyzed according to genre and culture group and was then further analyzed to determine what percentage of the repertoire present in each grade level was multicultural. This information was then used to compare to the cultural make-up of the Sioux Falls School District and the student demographic of Garfield Elementary.

Elements in this study included: 1) Examination of multicultural music education in contemporary music education philosophy; 2) Review of historical moments concerning multicultural music education in the United States; 3) Analysis of curriculum repertoire from a multicultural perspective; 4) Possibilities for further research to supplement and enhance the Sioux Falls School District curriculum.