Additional Majors

Additional majors exist in International Business-Language Intensive and Teaching Licensures for World Languages. Students graduating with any of these majors will have a solid understanding of the target language and the ability to use the language effectively in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Students seeking a good mastery of a language (French, German, Spanish) and training in one or more business areas may enroll in this major which is administered by the Department of Modern and Classical languages. A program of study abroad is strongly recommended.

International Business – French Intensive

  • FREN 300 Advanced Oral and Written French (4 credits) 
  • One course in French on contemporary France

Plus: Twenty additional credits in French courses numbered above FREN 300, including literature and civilization, selected in consultation with the French section coordinator

International Business – German Intensive

  • GERM 300 Introduction to German Studies (4 credits) 
  • GERM 440 Introduction to Business German and German Business (4 credits)

Plus: Twenty additional credits in German courses numbered above GERM 300

International Business – Spanish Intensive

  • SPAN 300 Advanced Spanish Grammar (4 credits) 
  • SPAN 301 Advanced Written Spanish and Culture (4 credits) 
  • SPAN 305 Spanish Oral Expression (4 credits) 
  • 320 Business Spanish (4 credits)

Plus: Twelve additional credits in Spanish courses numbered above SPAN 300

Allied requirements for all languages

  • Twenty credits in business administration


  • CISC 200 Introduction to Computer Technology and Business Applications (4 credits) 
  • ECON 251 Principles of Macroeconomics (4 credits) 
  • ECON 252 Principles of Microeconomics (4 credits) 
  • ECON 348 International Economics (4 credits)

Plus four credits from the following:

  • MATH 101 Finite Mathematics (4 credits) 
  • MATH 111 Calculus for Business or Social Science (4 credits) 
  • MATH 113 Calculus I (4 credits)

Other recommended courses:

  • ECON 345 Economics of Development and Growth (4 credits) 
  • ECON 349 Comparative Economic Systems (4 credits) 
  • IDSC 481 Seminar in International Studies (4 credits) 
  • JPST 250 Introduction to Justice and Peace Studies (4 credits) 
  • POLS 104 American Government in Comparative Perspective (4 credits) 
  • POLS 326 International Law and Organizations (4 credits) 
  • POLS 350 Comparative Politics of the New Europe (4 credits) 
  • THEO 325 The Catholic Social Traditions (4 credits)

Students who wish to pursue a career in teaching languages at the elementary and secondary level should contact the Department of Teacher Education.