Alumni Profiles

Learning another language is a way of understanding other cultures and expanding your worldview. Check out how a few of our alumni are using their foreign language degree after graduating from St. Thomas - click on a photo to read the full profile.

Martin Roach '12

Martin Roach ’12 majored in French and Economics. 

- Martin Roach

Elena Neuzil '17

Elena Neuzil '17 majored in Communication and Journalism and minored in Italian and Justice & Peace Studies. 

- Elena Neuzil

Megan Trenda '07

Megan Trenda ’07 majored in Spanish and Secondary Education.

- Megan Trenda

Maria Black '17

Maria Black ’17 majored in Spanish and International Studies.

Picture of Maria Black - Maria Black

Rachel Weiss '17

Rachel Weiss ’17 minored in German.

Picture of Rachel Weiss - Rachel Weiss

Mitchell Sullivan '17

Mitchell Sullivan '17 majored in German and is a Fulbright Scholar.

Picture of Mitchell Sullivan - Mitchell Sullivan

Cody W. Wendlandt, MD '07

Cody Wendlandt '07 majored in German.

Photo of Cody Wendlandt, a 2007 St. Thomas graduate. - Cody Wendlandt

Aaron Sperl '15

Aaron Sperl '15 majored in marketing and minored in German.

Photo of Aaron Sperl '15 - Aaron Sperl