Small Grants

The Luann Dummer Center for Women occasionally provides support to individuals and groups that help defray the costs of conferences, research, exhibits, bringing guest speakers, etc. All requests must directly benefit the women of St. Thomas and relate to the mission of the Luann Dummer Center for Women. Preference will be given to proposals that are likely to have a significant impact on the St. Thomas community.

Submit your request in letter form, including a description of the program/conference/exhibition and the total budget. Include what portion of these expenses will be covered by other sources and how much you are requesting from the LDCW. Send this information to the director of the Luann Dummer Center for Women, Dr. Emily James at emilymjames@stthomas.eduIf the application is complete and appropriate, the director will pass it on to the LDCW Advisory Board. We will attempt to notify you within two weeks of receiving the request.

If you are attending a conference or workshop, you are responsible for paying your expenses. You will then be reimbursed by completing an employee/student expense form and submitting it to the LDCW. If you are bringing in a speaker or hosting an event, we will discuss payment and/or reimbursement with you.

You are responsible for submitting a written report to the LDCW after the conference/workshop or upon completion of the event/activity. Send this information to the Luann Dummer Center for Women, Mail # 4075, or to in a timely manner.

The Luann Dummer Center for Women requests that all recipients be involved in various LDCW programs (such as Feminist Fridays and other events) throughout the duration of the year. These and other events are listed on our website.