2016 Mentor


More than 1,700 respected lawyers and judges have served as mentors to University of St. Thomas law students through our Mentor Externship Program. This program, which is a key component of our J.D. curriculum, connects students with a legal professional working in the student's area of interest to help them gain work experience, develop relationships and navigate the legal field. Our mentors, faculty and staff are committed to helping students develop practical skills, professional values and relationships that will last a lifetime. 

The award-winning Mentor Externship Program is one of the most distinctive and innovative components of St. Thomas law school. It is part of the reason our school has been ranked among the top 3 schools in the nation for practical training since 2014. St. Thomas is one of just two law schools in the country that offer more externships than full-time enrollment; we currently have more than 500 lawyers and judges paired as active mentors with our students. 


  • Foster the highest levels of professionalism for students and mentors
  • Help students develop the relationship skills necessary for professional success in any employment context
  • Equip students to deepen and broaden their own professional competencies by emphasizing the importance of self-directed learning as students and as lawyers


  • Mentors teach students what it means to be a member of the profession
  • Mentors are respected lawyers and judges from all sectors of the local and greater community
  • All J.D. students have mentors during their 1L, 2L and 3L years
  • All LL.M. in U.S. Law students have mentors
  • Confidentiality and attorney-client privilege are protected by Supreme Court rule
  • Students and mentors have flexibility to choose debriefing topics and experiences to mesh the student's goals with the mentor's opportunities
  • Mentor Externship meets ABA standards for field placement programs