Integrating Catholic Studies and Law

Sarah Lippert '15 and Rachana Chhin '15In the joint J.D./MA program offered by the School of Law and the Department of Catholic Studies, students earn two graduate degrees in law and Catholic studies respectively (a total of 97 credits), in less time than it would take to earn the two degrees separately.

Full-time students can expect to complete the joint program in three to four years of study. Students must apply for each program separately and meet all admissions requirements in both law and Catholic studies. Students may enroll in the School of Law before applying for the Master of Arts in Catholic studies degree.

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Erika Kidd Elizabeth Schiltz
Catholic Studies School of Law

What our Alumni Say

Tara Anderson '08
Attorney at TJA Business Law; Outside Corporate Counsel at The Nerdery, LLC. 

The joint degree program offered a fantastic opportunity to explore the intersections between faith, work and the law. There is no question that my participation in the program shaped the way I now practice law in a positive way. 

Jenny Kraska '04
Executive Director, Maryland Catholic Conference 

The Catholic studies joint degree program was an invaluable part of my educational experience at St. Thomas. The program allowed me to understand and appreciate more fully the deep bond that exists between our legal system and the moral and intellectual principles of Catholic teaching.

Leah Koch '18
Campbell Knutson, P.A.

"The [joint degree] regulated my experience. … Generally speaking, law school means diving into facts and analysis, fact patterns. In Catholic studies we were able to dive into broader ideas about humanity.”

John McCullough '05
Office of the Revisor of Statutes Minnesota Legislature

The joint degree program was both rewarding and challenging. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in delving deeper into their faith while studying the law. The program gave me the opportunity to more fully understand the implications of my faith for both my professional and personal life. Most importantly, the Catholic studies courses allowed me the opportunity to more thoroughly address larger questions of importance, such as what does it mean to be a human person. This opportunity was extremely beneficial to me.


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