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The Office of Career & Professional Development offers a wide variety of resources to assist you in developing your path to employment. We will work with you to create strong application materials, hone your interviewing skills, and grow your professional network. The CPD staff is dedicated to helping you craft your resume and cover letter, as well as providing advice on selecting and polishing your writing sample, as these are some of the basic building blocks necessary for starting your career search off right.

The images below provide insight into the key basic components of your career search. Many additional resources are also available in the Symplicity Resource Library and are accessible to current students and alumni.

Resume Tips

Your resume tells the story of your educational and professional experience and gives potential employers a glimpse of what you have to offer as a future employee. Your resume is a marketing tool and one that is key for getting an interview. The CPD staff will work with you, both in the group workshops and on an individual basis, to ensure your resume clearly communicates to potential employers that you have the knowledge, skills, and background necessary for the position.

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Cover Letter Tips

Your cover letter is incredibly important. It’s the chance for you to tell your story, demonstrate your enthusiasm and show what you will bring to the position and the employer, and last, but certainly not least, it is a chance to make your case for why an employer should hire you above anyone else. Your cover letter is not simply a reiteration of your resume in letter form. Rather, it is an opportunity to communicate to employers why you are an excellent fit for the role. Through our Employment Workshops for first year students and during the individual counseling sessions that take place throughout your law school career, the CPD staff will give you the tools to draft persuasive cover letters.

Your cover letter is also a writing sample and therefore, as with any written application materials, make sure it is well written and error-free.

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Writing Sample Tips

Your writing sample is another important piece of your application materials. While cover letters and resumes are samples of your writing, many employers require the submission of a formal legal writing sample. The CPD staff will work with you to identify which writing sample is the most appropriate for a particular application and provide you with resources to help make your writing sample as strong as possible. A formal legal writing sample alone will not get you a job, but if you submit something inappropriate or that is poorly written, your application may automatically wind up in the “do not interview” pile.

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Preparing for an Interview

After polishing your resume and cover letter, the next big step toward securing a position is the interview process. This is another opportunity to market yourself to a potential employer and to demonstrate to them why you are the best fit for the position. The CPD staff will help you thoroughly prepare for your interview by conducting a mock interviews, providing candid feedback, and also giving you interview tips and resources specific to the type of employer.

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The CPD staff is dedicated to helping you develop your networking skills and growing your professional network by helping you find the types of networking that work for you. Think of networking as purposefully and strategically creating a group of allies. In other words, your network is really a group of friends that you would reach out to when you need help, and you would hope that they would reach out to you as well. In the professional sense, your allies might include classmates, professors, current or former coworkers or bosses, parents of children on a hockey team that you coached, fellow volunteers, neighbors, other parents on the PTA, friends, or anyone else that has seen you in action in a “professional” setting. Ultimately, the goal with networking should be to create a group of allies/friends that will be willing to help you if you asked, as you would do for them.

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What is Symplicity? Symplicity is your online home for all things career related. Symplicity is where you will apply for jobs, participate in on-campus interviews, and find job search resources. Not only will you have access to jobs posted by employers specifically for St. Thomas Law students and alumni, but you can also find links to other major job search websites.

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