A Comprehensive Approach to Employment

The Office of Career and Professional Development, in partnership with other departments and faculty throughout the school of law, developed the Comprehensive Approach to Employment designed to effectively support students in their employment journey throughout all three years of law school and beyond. This integrated approach engages students during their first year of law school through the Employment Workshop series. This series of workshops includes informative, interactive, and reflective exercises that are designed to assist students in developing their professional path early in their law school careers. Each student is assigned a dedicated career counselor who will work with you throughout your law school career to help you achieve your professional goals. The CPD office also provides an array of programming specific to various practice areas and interviewing preparation programs that are open to all students and alumni.

The support of the CPD staff does not end once a student completes his or her degree. Upon graduation, students are enrolled in the innovative J.D. Compass Program, which is designed to provide individualized support to recent graduates searching for their first position after graduation. The CPD staff is also dedicated to serving its alumni beyond graduation. Our goal is to serve as a resource to all of the University of St. Thomas School of Law community as they search for meaningful employment - be it while they are in school or years later.

This interactive workshop focuses on the building blocks of an effective career search, including identifying potential practice areas, starting a three-year employment plan, and drafting powerful application materials (resumes and cover letters). This workshop is designed to give you the tools you need to start your legal career path off on the right foot.

This dynamic program focuses on how to communicate professionally throughout your employment search and how to avoid common pitfalls when communicating with potential employers. The program outlines specific scenarios and demonstrations related to various forms of communication, including email correspondence, thank you notes, telephone communication, methods of staying connected, and appropriately using social media as a contact tool.

As technology advances, your career search must evolve as well. This interactive session focuses on effectively utilizing social media as a part of your employment plan and the impact of your electronic identity. Key topics covered during this session include using LinkedIn for a professional online resume, common pitfalls, and a more advanced overview of electronic networking.

The OCI Boot Camp is a series of four 30-minute workshops geared toward 1Ls who are interested in the On-Campus Interview (OCI) process. Each workshop is designed to educate you about a specific segment of OCI. Students are separated into four small groups and each small group will rotate through the four workshops.

These workshops, just like OCI, is available to all 1Ls; not just the top third of the class. Each OCI firm and agency has different set hiring preferences, criteria, and place a different amount of emphasis on grades. Even if you decide not to participate in OCI these workshops will provide you helpful tools for any job search.

Workshop topics include:

  • OCI Application Materials & Using Symplicity for OCI
  • The OCI Interview Process
  • Communication Before and After the Interview
  • OCI Tips Student Panel

The Office of Career & Professional Development works with staff, faculty, alumni, and members of the Minneapolis and St. Paul legal community to set up a mock interview for each second year law student. These mock interviews are designed to provide you with the basic skills necessary to build your comfort level with the interview process and give you constrictive criticism in a safe environment to help you build your interview skills.

Each mock interviewer is provided with our mock interview rubric in order to provide consistent feedback to each student.

JD Compass is an innovative initiative designed to individually support reach recent graduate of St. Thomas School of Law. The purpose of the program is two-fold: (1) To provide support, tips, and guidance as graduates prepare for the bar exam, and (2) to support the employment search efforts for those graduates who are seeking employment. Each graduate is paired with a JD Compass Strategist to assist them along the way. The strategists are attorneys in the community dedicated to helping our graduates succeed and they will continue to serve as a valuable resource to graduates during the year following graduation.