All Service Categories

Our services are divided into categories according to the essential University functions that they support.  The categories and service offerings on our website are those we offer broadly to our community.  Information about infrastructure and supporting services can be obtained upon request.

Academic and Research

ITS supports the teaching and learning mission by providing instructional technology and resources, including learning management systems, lecture capture, instructional design and research consulting.

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Administrative and Business

Enterprise applications and databases for digital document management, reporting, finance, student information, degree and program planning are provided by ITS to enable the administration and business functions of the University.

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Communication and Collaboration

ITS facilitates essential communication and collaboration needs by providing email and calendaring, telephones, web conferencing, web content management, media production, cable TV, event support and similar services.

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Desktop Computing and Support

Personal computing is supported by ITS with services that include file storage, hardware and software acquisition, network access, and printing.  The Tech Desk serves as the main point of contact for desktop and mobile support.

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Information Security

Activities in this category provide and monitor security, data integrity, and policy compliance.  Account management, access control, virus protection and encryption are provided as part of ITS Information Security services. 

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IT Professional Services

ITS provides professional services to assist with technology adoption.  These include accessibility support, consulting and advising, project management, training and documentation, enterprise licensing and technical management of cloud systems. 

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