Every active member of the St. Thomas community has a username. Your username and password allow you to log on to campus computers, OneStThomas intranet, EmailCanvasMurphy Online, etc.

1. Hiring Managers Request Account

To request an account be created for a new faculty or staff member, hiring managers  need to begin the account creation process by filling out the New Employee form.

2. New Employee Claims Account

Once the "New Employee Web Form" has been processed by Human Resources, the hiring manager will receive a confirmation email. This confirmation email will contain a username and all the other information necessary to activate the account.

New employees should complete the claim process below.

Account Expiration

All accounts at St. Thomas expire based on university policy. 

  • Faculty: 30 days after university records indicate that the faculty member is no longer an active employee
  • Staff: Last day worked

Our automated system sends account holders email notifications of their account closure prior to expiration. Once accounts are expired access to network resources such as email and files will be lost. Please note that purged accounts cannot be recreated, nor can data from them be restored.

Other Account Request Types

ITS also offers specialty accounts which give users specific permissions in university systems, that are required by their position at the university. Learn how to request the following types of accounts: