Student Job Postings, Pay Rates, Hiring, Changes in Student Job Responsibilities

Posting/Closing a Student Position

Go to the Talent Management System (TMS) and login with your UST username and password.  When you are logged in check to make sure you are recognized as a Student Manager.  You can do this by looking at the system welcome on the top of your homepage.  If you are not recognized as a Student Manager please click on the drop down box in the right hand corner and select Student Manager.  Once you have confirmed you are a Student Manager you can create a position.

From Template and choose Student Position.  Fill in all fields of the Requisition.  Once you have completed the Requisition you can move it to Human Resources to post.  Your position will be posted by HR within one business day of submission.

Applicants will apply directly online and will be available for you to view in the system.

Student positions should be posted on our employment opportunities page for a minimum of five days.  Positions will be removed from the website 30 days after the posting date.  To remove your posting sooner you can log back into the system and click on Close/Remove from Web under the posting status. 

Please see the Student Managers Guide to TMS for further information.

Pay Rates

Pay rates should be determined based on the duties performed and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the job.

Contact the Human Resources Department at 651-962-6510 for more information.

Hiring a Student

Things to consider:

  • Under which program is the student eligible to be paid? College Work Study (Federal/State)  UST Student Employment?  View the list of Programs.
  • Does the department budget support hiring the student?
  • Respond to applicants.
  • Develop interview questions for conducting interviews.  HR can provide some interview tips.
  • UST is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.  The same guidelines that apply to faculty and staff also apply to student employees. Please refer to your Student Employee Handbook for further information.
  • After the job offer has been made and accepted by the applicant, the appropriate forms should be completed as outlined in the Getting a Student Paid section.
  • Once a position has been filled, it is imperative that the job posting be removed immediately and that the other applicants are informed that they have not been chosen.  Up-to-date job postings are essential for both the supervisors and the students.  Review the Student Managers Guide to TMS for directions to remove a posting.

Changes in a Student's Job Responsibilities

If the responsibilities of a student employee change to the degree that it may merit a promotion, you must complete a Student Employment Change Request Form and submit it to the Human Resources department.

Students are NOT guaranteed pay increases for returning to the same department the following year.  The pay rate will be based upon a combination of the responsibilities of the job being performed, the student's qualifications and experience, and the student pay rates in effect at that time.