Training and Development Opportunities

Class Offerings

The Leadership Academy is a professional development program for faculty and staff dedicated to making the University of St. Thomas a great place to work and a place where people can do great work.  The program is designed and offered exclusively for employees at St. Thomas to support the needs of individuals and departments, both from a personal and a professional perspective.  The academy offers this support through an array of professional development opportunities.

Sessions offered through The Leadership Academy are free to faculty and staff of the university.  Classes that require external training resources may include a direct cost to the participant's department to cover the cost of the resources.  The Leadership Academy has relationships established with other organizations, both internal and external to the university, through which additional development opportunities may be offered.  For more information about development opportunities please visit The Leadership Academy website at or call the Human Resources department at ext. 2-6900.

Department Funds

Department funds may be allocated for professional development opportunities within individual departments.  Contact your supervisor or department head for more information.


Orientation introduces new employees to the university as a whole.  New employees receive a general introduction to the university and services available on campus, including HR policies, the employee handbook, benefits information, safety issues, security and parking, as well as information on the phone and email systems.  Sexual harassment awareness training is required by law and is also covered as a part of orientation.

Training and Seminar Leave Policy

The university recognizes the importance of many types of educational and learning opportunities.  Attendance at seminars, meetings, and training programs are considered time worked, and will be paid time if the employees attendance is required by the university or approved for attendance during scheduled work hours/days.

Attendance at seminars, meetings and training programs must be pre-approved by the employees supervisor.

Time spent by the employee traveling during normal work hours to and from an educational opportunity will be considered hours worked for pay purposes.  For hourly employees, traveling time outside of the normal work hours will not be paid time.

Attendance at events that is not mandatory will not be paid.  The employee may arrange, with supervisory approval, to adjust their work schedule and make up the missed time.

Tuition Remission

See Benefits section.