Alumni testimonials

"Thank you for the wonderful opportunity the Master's program has offered me. I look forward to taking my education and experience onto my next career path. (The) Saint Thomas program was one of the smartest choices I made. -- Peggy Weber, Master of Science degree in software engineering.

"If I were to do it all over again, without a doubt I would choose St Thomas University. The GPS MS (in software engineering) degree provided me with a conceptual framework for Software Engineering. The theoretical and practical experience taught me about agile methods of software development and the various disciplines involved. I’m currently working as a Software Developer and obtaining the MS Degree has been an outstanding investment towards my career. The professor’s industry understanding and academic knowledge provided a real time up to date learning experience for me."  Eric Kibisu, Master of Science degree in software engineering.


"Through the GPS MS degree I have been able to update my job skills and improve my competitiveness, which is increasingly important for my career in the technology arena. Getting my MS degree has given me the knowledge and confidence that helps me perform my job better. I am working as a database administrator on large scale mission critical IT projects and getting this GPS MS degree has proved to be an excellent investment for my career. The professors involved with the GPS program are world-class and sympathetic to the constraints which working professionals operate under. My experience was positive, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have earned an MS degree from the University of St. Thomas." 

-- Ruchir Aeron, Master of Science in software engineering

"While I was searching for a good masters program, I looked at curriculums of over 40 Computer Science departments in the US. But none had a program like the one at St. Thomas. St. Thomas has good ties with the business community, and hence the courses offered here are very 'in-touch' with the needs of the software industry. The curriculum has an excellent balance between general concepts of software and specializations in different areas of software. The instructors at St. Thomas are also highly experienced and each course is a new experience in itself! Studying at St. Thomas makes you wish your curriculum required you to take more courses just so you could sit in all of those exciting classes. Though I've graduated, I know this will not be the last of my association with this wonderful university." 

-- Neelima Kalidindi, Master of Software Systems

"The graduate programs at UST have helped me to better understand the overall process of software development. I have more confidence now that I have the skills needed to make better decisions and to be successful in any area of specialty." 

-- Calotta Persaud, Master of Science in software engineering

 "The (GPS) graduate program is overwhelmingly the best opportunity to enhance software knowledge to understand the entire software development life cycle. The courses are extremely practical and useful in my everyday work environment as a Project Leader/ Software Developer. The Masters program is the best way to expand your knowledge base, experience and be able to work at the same time." 

-- James Montague, Master of Science in software engineering

"Great program. The MS (in Software Engineering) program was a good combination of academic study and real-world experience. " 

-- Kelly Nehowig, Master of Science in software engineering

"I am thankful for the new opportunities and insights that have resulted from completion of this challenging and rewarding Software Engineering program. The Master of Science in Software Engineering [degree] offered by the University of St. Thomas has given me a much deeper understanding of the principles of Software. Software is a product that is critical to modern product development and it touches all areas of [my] company’s business needs. Product development requires cutting edge techniques and advanced skills from a diverse team.

St. Thomas has excellent Professors who skillfully and successfully teach classic Engineering and Software knowledge. This advanced science knowledge is complemented by a deep practical understanding of software development and applications. In particular, I found the Object-Oriented disciplines and advanced software architecture particularly useful in my development role on a complex networked controls project. Principles discussed in the Computer Architecture class were instrumental in providing me new insights on a difficult work problem. These new insights resulted in a series of intellectual property contributions for my company and advancement of the 'Art'." 

-- Mike Pouchak, Master of Science in software engineering.

'The education I received enabled me to take on new projects and responsibilities. I can definitely say that my degree added value to my employer and my career.

-- James Overby, Master of Software Design and Development

"Graduate Programs in Software was the perfect  means for me to gain technical knowledge in all areas of Software Engineering.  The classes taken as part of my MS in Software Engineering provided me direct hands-on experience from programming, database administration, project management, quality assurance in addition to providing the ability to meet fellow students and instructors in industry with different experiences for reference.  The achievement of this degree has and continues to provide a foundation for my career expanding in all areas of Software Development. 

– Gretchen Ellingson, Masters of Science degree in software engineering.

"The (MS) master's program provided me with a wealth of applicable concepts and methods that significantly simplifies my life as a software professional.The professors skillfully merged the academic underpinnings of their courses with their unique industry experience. Both the program’s advanced courses in software engineering and encouraging interactions with multiple faculty members inspired me to continue my graduate education beyond the master’s degree. St. Thomas’s graduate software engineering program gave me a comprehensive practical and theoretical foundation that allowed me to pursue and achieve a PhD in computer science which, in turn, enabled me to find employment as a Research Scientist at a $30B company." 

-- Dietmar Dorr, Master of Science in software engineering

"(The) GPS program provided the best opportunity to advance my knowledge in the rapidly changing software industry...I have benefitted enormously from the updated skills and methodology I learned from faculties with abundant industry experience. I hope more people will enroll in the variety of programs at GPS and gain as much as I did, and position themselves well for the bright IT future." 

-- Daqing Su, Master of Science in software engineering

"I graduated from the University of St. Thomas in December 2002 with a Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE) degree.  This graduate degree in software engineering helped me achieve several promotions within my company and paved the way for me to be accepted in the Leadership, Policy, and Administration doctoral program at UST.

In December 2009, I was awarded my Ed.D. degree from UST.  This has been a crowning educational achievement and lifelong goal for me.  I believe that my academic and professional success began with the inspiring graduate software engineering lectures given by Dr. Bhabani Misra and the continuing supportive, caring qualities of the engineering and education faculty at UST.

-- Bruce Beadell, Master of Science degree in software engineering.

"The Master of Science degree in software engineering (MSSE) I achieved from the University of St. Thomas in 2002 has been very useful to me in working as a software project lead.  In 2007, my MSSE degree enabled me to secure a good job with a defense engineering company in Bloomington, MN.

-- Harriet Beadell, Master of Science degree in software engineering.

"The Masters program has a good spectrum of courses offered from software quality assurance to the newest tools available. The program is always evolving with new and improved courses. The software field changes at such a fast pace but the Masters program keeps you current on the latest technology." 

-- Lynn Wiggert, Master of Software Design and Development

"The (Master of Science in Software Engineering) program has been very instrumental in my success as a Technical Leader in the Financial Services industry. The program is both insightful and practical in terms of application in the work place. Our class content was current and the professors knew the subject matter. The professors were also accessible and worked with students to gain the best understanding of the class content. Even though most students were working adults, the team based project structure allowed for us to build relationships that have continued well beyond graduation. I recommend St. Thomas, especially the MSDD program, to my staff that wants to continue their higher education." 

-- Debra Hutchinson, Master of Science in software engineering