M.S. in Data Science Program Requirements for catalogs prior to spring 2015

Current and inactive students who are enrolled in this program prior to Spring 2015 may opt to remain with the graduate program requirements from their current catalog, or move forward to the newest graduate program requirements for the M.S. in Data Science.

The M.S. degree in Data Science prepares students to pursue careers in the emerging and high-growth fields of data science and big data. It combines in-depth understanding with hands-on skills, technologies, techniques, and analysis tools for data science. Graduates of this program will have the theoretical, practical, and comprehensive knowledge to manage and analyze large-scale, complex data to enable efficient data-driven discoveries and decisions.

To complete the requirements for the Master of Science in Data Science, students must successfully complete 12 courses (36 graduate semester credits) and maintain a GPA of 2.7.

Required Courses [10 courses]:

SEIS 601 Foundations of Software Development (waived with prior Java programming experience) 
SEIS 610 Software Engineering 
SEIS 630  Database Management Systems and Design
SEIS 631 Foundations of Data Analysis
SEIS 732 Data Warehousing
SEIS 734 Data Mining
SEIS 736 Big Data Architecture
SEIS 737 Big Data Management
SEIS 738 Data Science
SEIS 763 Machine Learning

Electives [2 or 3 courses]

Choose two electives (or three electives if SEIS 601 is waived) from the courses listed below in Graduate Programs in Software, Graduate Engineering, and/or the UST Evening MBA programs:

SEIS 733 Database Administration Concepts
SEIS 735 Healthcare Informatics
SEIS 772 Multimedia Information Retrieval
ETLS 701 Design of Experiments 
ETLS 640 Lean Six Sigma 
OPMT 600 Statistical Methods for Decision Making 
OPMT 630 Quality Management including Six Sigma 
OPMT 635 Process Analysis, Lean and Agile Organizations 
OPMT 650Principles of Information Technology Management 

View SEIS Course Catalog.

Transfer credits: Students may transfer up to 2 courses (6 credits) from a school other than the University of St. Thomas. The transfer courses must have been taken at the graduate level. The transfer school must be accredited. For information on transfer courses, please see Transfer Courses.

Suggested course sequence* with SEIS601 waived:

Semester 1: SEIS 610 and SEIS 630
Semester 2: SEIS 631 and SEIS 734
Semester 3: SEIS 732 and SEIS 736 
Semester 4: SEIS 763 and SEIS 737
Semester 5: SEIS 738 and 1 Elective 
Semester 6: 2 Electives 

Suggested course sequence* with SEIS601 required: 

Semester 1: SEIS 601 and SEIS 610 
Semester 2: SEIS 630 and SEIS 631
Semester 3: SEIS 732 and SEIS 736
Semester 4: SEIS 734 and SEIS 737 
Semester 5: SEIS 738 and 1 Elective
Semester 6: SEIS 763 and 1 Elective 

* Course sequences assume a fall semester start. Please consult with your advisor if you have questions.