Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

The recent impact of Artificial Intelligence in a wide range of industries has been made possible by advancement in Machine Learning techniques. The Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence is aimed at preparing professionals who need to handle the growing demands in analyzing digital information for predicting, visualizing, and implementing cutting-edge AI techniques such as artificial neural networks and deep learning.

To complete the Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence, the student must complete five required SEIS graduate courses (15 graduate semester credits) with at a GPA of 2.7 or better.

NOTE: Students have the option to use the coursework from the Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence to continue in a Master of Science degree program offered by Graduate Programs in Software.

Required Courses [5 courses]

Complete the following five courses:*

  • SEIS 603 Foundations of Software Development - Python (waived for appropriate prior programming experience)
  • SEIS 631 Foundations of Data Analysis
  • SEIS 632 Data Analytics and Visualization
  • SEIS 763 Machine Learning
  • SEIS 764 Artificial Intelligence

*If SEIS 603 is waived, choose one additional elective course from the Graduate Programs in Software course catalog (SEIS courses).

 View SEIS Course Catalog.

  1. A bachelor's degree in any discipline from a regionally-accredited educational institution in the U.S. (or international equivalent). 

  2. An overall grade-point-average (GPA) of at least 2.7. (Applicants with a GPA less than 2.7 will be considered for provisional admission with their professional experience factored into the decision.)

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