GPS Topics Course Listings and Descriptions

Topics courses are the newest courses that are available for GPS students. Each Topics course will count as an elective in all programs.

Topics: Blockchain, SEIS 785 Section 01, CRN 22471 meets Monday nights from 5:45 PM to 9:00 PM in spring semester 2020.  

This course will examine the confluence of technologies that underpin blockchain-based distributed ledgers that first appeared in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. New terminology is introduced, followed by discussions regarding why this technology is disruptively powerful and a philosophical inquiry into the nature of money itself.

The course breaks down the role of “mining” and demonstrates why the economics of the current implementations are not scalable (or even profitable). The process of building blocks one technology at a time from the underlying revision control system, the communication channel known as “gossip,” to achieving consensus in both a trusted and untrusted world will be covered.

Students will examine practical case studies beyond cryptocurrencies, which will include critical identification of when these technologies are not practical. Finally, the course will conclude with an in-depth exploration into Smart Documents and Smart Contracts and their possible outcomes.

Prerequisites: none

3 credits

Instructor: David Duccini

Please contact your advisor Laurie Dupont at 651-962-5503 or if you have any questions or need assistance with registering.

This course covers two programming languages commonly used in the data science and big data domains. Python is a dynamically-typed, multi-paradigm language commonly used in ad-hoc environments. Scala is statically-typed language that blends the object-oriented and functional programming paradigms, commonly used with Apache Spark. The functional programming paradigm has its theoretical roots in 1930s with lambda calculus and in the 1950s with LISP, but has recently seen a resurgence with the trend toward increasing microprocessor cores and distributed systems.

The first half of this course will first cover the Python language, emphasizing a variety of programming paradigms.  The second half will cover the functional programming paradigm, using the Scala language and its application to big data problems with Apache Spark.

Prerequisites: SEIS 601 Foundations of Software Development 
Instructors: Brad Rubin and Eric Level
Fall semester, 2017
3 credits

SEIS 785 Section 01, CRN 43056 meets Monday nights in fall semester 2017 from 5:45 PM to 9:00 PM. 

Please contact your advisor Laurie Dupont at 651-962-5503 or if you have any questions or need assistance with registering.