Gary Berosik

Adjunct Lecturer
OSS 228
(651) 962-5500

Career Highlights:

System Architect/Educator, West Group; Adjunct Lecturer, University of St. Thomas.

Courses taught at UST:

Object-Oriented Patterns and Architecture -- SEIS 770


B.A., University of St. Thomas.

Summer 2020 Courses

Summer 2020 Courses
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Fall 2020 Courses

Fall 2020 Courses
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SEIS 603 - 01 Found. Software Dev-Python M - - - - - - 1745 - 2100

Days of Week:

M - - - - - -

Time of Day:

1745 - 2100


Course Registration Number:

45469 (View in ClassFinder)

Credit Hours:

3 Credit Hours


Gary L. Berosik

This is an introductory software development course, with focus on fundamental and foundational concepts. These concepts include general problem solving and algorithm creation techniques, data types, constants, variables and expressions, Boolean, control flow, and object-oriented concepts. Applying these concepts, we implement programs using the Python language. We will examine its use as both an interpreted and a compiled language, working with data types such as numbers, strings, lists, dictionaries, and sets. Students will learn how to apply Python in managing data. No previous programming experience in Python or any other programming language is required.

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J-Term 2021 Courses

J-Term 2021 Courses
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