This image shows students cheering and the title says, Senior Class Gift Challenge.


Tommie Tradition

The Senior Class Gift is a longstanding tradition at the University of St. Thomas that promotes a culture of generosity. Each year, students are encouraged to make a contribution to the class fund, which is presented to the president at the commencement ceremony in May. Together these individual gifts make a lasting impact on future Tommies!

Tommie-Johnnie Senior Class Gift Challenge

For the second year in a row, we are competing with St. John’s University’s Senior Class Gift program! We beat the Johnnies’ participation rate last year; help us show them again that Tommies are committed to helping each other and making a difference in the world!

Overview of Positions

Many of you and your fellow classmates have benefited from scholarships and the generosity of other Tommies who decided to pay it forward. As your time on campus is coming to a close, now you have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students for years to come. This year-long position will promote the Senior Class Gift and the Tommie-Johnnie Senior Class Gift Challenge, plan fundraising events, and encourage peers to make a contribution and have a lasting impact.

Essential Tasks of Both Positions

  • Offer guidance and direction to the Senior Glass Gift Committee and assign tasks as needed.
  • Meet regularly with co-chair.
  • Attend bi-monthly meetings with the Senior Glass Gift Committee and committee co-chairs.
  • Attend planned events and be prepared to speak on behalf of the Senior Class Gift.
  • You must be a St. Thomas student graduating May 2018.

Senior Class Gift Executive Co-chair (Marketing and Events) Apply Here!

As the marketing and events co-chair, you will ensure the success of our fundraising events by helping prepare marketing materials, utilizing social media, networking with students, and bringing creativity and life into new ideas in order to increase the Senior Class Gift. This position also requires working with the Student Alumni Council (SAC) Philanthropy Committee to help execute events and contribute ideas to the committee as needed.

  • Use creativity and marketing knowledge to inspire a culture of giving among peers.
  • Ensure consistency and compliance with the University of St. Thomas brand.
  • Make consistent posts on all relevant forms of social media.
  • Create materials for events, ASC atrium, video screens and email messages.
  • Manage Senior Class Gift volunteers in assisting you to execute marketing and advertising pieces.
  • Serve on the Student Alumni Council (SAC) Philanthropy Committee and volunteer at events as needed.

Senior Class Executive Co-chair (Logistics and Planning) Apply Here!

As the logistics and planning co-chair, you will help execute various events and pieces needed to build greater awareness of the Senior Class Gift. This position will help book spaces, understand the given venue rules, acquire needed materials and help streamline goals.

  • Use punctuality to ensure task completion and timeliness of events.
  • Build a timeline of goals and event markers, with reasoning behind the goals and steps to achieve those accomplishments.
  • Coordinate with clubs and professors to speak about the Senior Class Gift.
  • Create agendas and coordinate Senior Class Gift Committee meetings.
  • Maintain and update the volunteer lists.