Resources for Engineering Undergraduates

New Student Guide (updated 7/1/2021)


Computer Guidelines & Specifications (released 6/10/2020)

It is strongly encouraged that each student procure a recommended laptop computer. The mobility of owning a laptop is essential as much of the work is collaborative and happens in a variety of locations. If you are unable to get a laptop prior to your coursework beginning, the University of St. Thomas does provide a limited number of computers in several student labs.

Learn more about our Computer Guidelines and Specifications.

Library Subject Guides

The University of St. Thomas Libraries maintain an extensive number of Subject Guides that make your research efforts more productive. You may examine the Engineering Library Subject Guide here.

Engineering Lab Resources -Labs, Equipment, and Software

The link to the Engineering Lab Resources gives you additional information about the labs and their equipment, including computer software.

"Where to Buy Stuff"

So you are working in the lab on a project and you are faced with the task of acquiring materials and parts for your project. You would start by checking with Lab Tech, but sometimes the in-house inventory does not have it. Where to you go then to get some mild steel? or plastic? or a gear? or even a simple piece of plumbing pipe or bolt? You can often find the answer in "Where to Buy Stuff", a compendium of local suppliers as well as some national sources for both mechanical and electrical engineering projects.


Each St. Thomas engineering student is assigned an academic advisor who is one of the full time engineering professors. You may go to that person whenever you are facing choices such as course sequences or just when you have a difficult issue to talk over.