Engineering Student Clubs

The School of Engineering offers a variety of clubs for our undergraduate students:

American Public Works Association (APWA):

President: Connor Kratzke [ ]
Vice President: Vanessa De La Vega [ ]
Professional Outreach Chair: Sophie Heuer [ ]
Recruitment Chair: Scott Frost [  ]
Communications Chair: Genevieve Tester [ ]
Finance Chair: Nick Pawlak [ ]
Development Chair: Sarah Hudson [ ]

Club Faculty Advisor: Travis Welt [ ]
Organization Web Site:


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE):

President: Will Keading [ ]
Vice-President: Izzy LaFavor  [ ]
Secretary: Emma Rae Roberts [ ]
Treasurer: Kaitlyn Peterson [ ]
Director of Events: Hannah Dasyam [ ]
Project Chair: Jack Barry [ ]
Archivist: Vanessa De La Vega Mesa [ ]

Club Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rita Lederle – [ ]

Club Social Media:
Tommie Link Page:
Organization Web Site:


American Society of Mechanical Engineers  (ASME)

President: Jack Hergott  [ ]
Vice-President: Noah Sabers [ ]
Treasurer: Micah Anderson []
Secretary:  Jonathan (Jon) May []

Project Managers: 

Communications Officer: Jonathan (Jon) May []
Club Mentor: Jesse Knox [ ] 

Club Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jeong Ho You --

Club Social Media:
Tommie Link Page:
Organization Web Site:


Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW)

President: Natalie Ebel 

Vice President:  Emma Olmanson 
Treasurer:   Mary Farnan 
Volunteer Coordinator:  Michael Hughes 
Communications:  Emma Reinart 
Activities Coordinator:  Ellie Nodland 

Club Faculty Advisor: Mr. Andy Tubesing -- 
Tommie Link:

Club Social Media:
Organization Web Site:

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

President: Noah Joseph [ ]
Vice President: Eric Neault  [ ]
Secretary: Kai Olson [ ]
Treasurer: Mahamud Hussein [ ]

Club Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hassan Salamy --
Club Social Media:
Organization Web Site:


National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) 

President: Abenezer Ayana [ ]
Vice President: Abigail Andrade Flores [ ]
Treasurer: Mumtas Mohamed [ ]
Secretary: Lisan Hasnain [ ]
Programs Chair: Mahamud Hussein [ ]


Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

President:  Shreya Jaiswal  
Vice President:  Mahamed Hussein  
Treasurer :   Gonzales Cisneros Nieves  
Secretary:   Christina Yang  
Conference Chair:    Amal Abdi   
Community Service Chair:   Brenda Saucedo  
Networking:    Cesaire Talom   

Club Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chris Greene,
Club Social Media:
Organization Web Site:


Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

President:    Mya Krahn  
Vice President:   Sarah Provost 
Treasurer:     Mary Seifert    
Conference Chair:   Izzy LaFavor 
Networking Chair :   Erin Westman 
Fundraising Chair :   Kelly Coyne 
Social Chair:     Lauren Eldridge 
Service Chair:    Brooke Catton 
Social Media Chair:    Ava Emmerich 
SWEsters Chair:    Skyler Lockwood 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jenny Holte

Club Email:
Club Facebook:
Club Instagram: @ust_swe
Organization Web Site:


Updated 1/22/2021