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Your universal one-stop resource for EE and ME support:

  • Hand tools, power tools, bits and blades...

  • Hardware, tape, adhesives, expendable supplies...

  • Meters, power supplies, oscilloscopes, soldering irons...

  • Electronic parts, wire, prototyping supplies...

  • Safety equipment, cleaning supplies...

  • Access to specialty areas and machinery

The tool crib attendant is your connection to meet these and any other lab-related needs. Make this your first stop when you need anything that's not in the lab or in your tool box.


Consult the Lab Availability /Machine Shop Schedule


  • OSS LL02 (at main hall intersection, OSS lower level)

  • 651-962-TOOL (on campus dial 2-TOOL)

Inventory list: Coming soon!

Ordering Parts & Supplies

Employment in the ENGR Labs

EE Lab Documents

Equip manuals, peripheral user guides, pin-out diagrams, etc.

Lab Managers:

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