International Engineering Program

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Earn bachelor degrees in Engineering and German simultaneously in this five-year program. Spend the fourth year abroad studying in Germany at a partner university and working in a paid internship at a German company. TU Darmstadt, our partner German university, has some engineering classes that could be taken in English.

Download German & Engineering Dual Degree Brochure (PDF file).

Dual degrees in this five-year program include:

Become a Global Engineer

The University of St. Thomas offers a five-year German & Engineering dual degree program in which graduates earn two degrees simultaneously: a B.S. in an engineering discipline and a B.A. in German. Students in this program will study a semester at a partner university in Germany followed by a semester-long paid internship in Germany. Combining engineering with the knowledge of German and intercultural competence through the year abroad, prepares graduates for meaningful careers in a globally minded and diverse world. The combination of foreign language and engineering studies lets students apply their language and culture skills to engineering and vice versa.


Why add German to my Engineering skills? 

All St. Thomas students have a foreign language requirement. Engineers with language skills, international experience, and intercultural competence are in high demand. Graduates with German language and culture skills earn higher salaries* and gain entry in leadership positions**. These global skills make graduates more marketable to companies looking to expand into the global market.

Why Study, Intern and Live in Germany?

The German economy is the motor of Europe. Made in Germany is a powerful trademark and traditionally Germany has led engineering fields with companies such as Audi, BASF, Bayer, BMW, Bosch, Carl Zeiss, Mercedes-Benz, Merck, Porsche, SICK, Siemens, SAP and Volkswagen to name a few. In addition, Germany is a leader in green and renewable energy. German companies are also investing in the United States and Minnesota. There are more than 25 German companies in Minnesota‌.

What if I haven’t had any German yet?

The German & Engineering dual degree program is designed for students with no background in German.  Students should begin with GERM 111 and GERM 112 during their first year.  Transfer students or students interested in joining the German & Engineering Dual Degree Program during their sophomore year, can easily catch up by taking Elementary German I and II during a J-Term or summer session. Interested students should contact Dr. Susanne M. Wagner

What if I have a background in German or am already fluent in German?

Students with a background in German should contact Dr. Susanne M. Wagner to discuss options and plan to take the language placement test as soon as possible.

* Lifehack, "5 Foreign Languages That Will Make You The Most Money" 
** Money, "Want to Boost Your Salary? Try Learning German" 

Learn more about the B.A. degree in German.

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Dr. Camille George
Associate Dean - School of Engineering

Dr. Susanne M. Wagner
Director of German Program and International Engineering Program - College of Arts and Sciences