Embracing AI in Modern Business: Five Pillars of Implementation and Collaboration

July 7, 2020 / By: Co-authors Michael Gale, Thomas Marlow, Dr. Manjeet Rege, and Dan Yarmoluk
group of students collaborate at a white board on AI solution

Co-authors Gale, Marlow, Rege and Yarmoluk discuss the five pieces of the modern A.I. puzzle in this six-page whitepaper on Embracing AI in Modern Business.


AI business success can be enhanced through collaboration. The 5 pillars describe the fundamental elements that any business in this space should be considering. Recognizing that mastery of all five components can be daunting, this article seeks to highlight the point that not each is a company's strength; working with ecosystem partners to piece the puzzle together is important. Of course, while this approach can be applicable in other industries, the AI field is particularly interesting because it is so diverse. Companies can generally work together without a risk to their key markets.

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