Alternative Energy in Action - Summer Abroad

May 29, 2018
alternative energy pics 315w

Energy use and generation is an incredibly important topic and area of concern in our world today. Building an energy future which assures ample supplies of energy to meet the needs of a burgeoning world population is important on multiple levels, including technology, the economy, politics, the environment, national security, and so on.  For these reasons, alternative energy is one of the hottest and most intriguing topics within engineering. 

This course ("Alternative Energy Generation for a Sustainable Future") exposes engineering students to the cutting edge of alternative energy in the areas of wind, nuclear, hydrogen, and solar power generation. Discussions and lectures by the course directors will be used to teach the fundamentals of each technology, while guest lectures by local experts currently working on research in the field will provide a more in-depth understanding. These lectures will be supplemented by readings and assignments from the textbook. The students will experience alternative energy in action at several different power plants in the United States, France, and Germany.  In addition to technical knowledge the students will grow in their understanding of other cultures and how those cultures address different types of alternative energy generation on both a political and societal level.

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