Earning a Double Major

Students and alumni of a Graduate Programs in Engineering Master of Science (MS) degree program are allowed to double major.

For new or continuing students in a Graduate Engineering Master of Science (MS) program:

Graduate Engineering will add an additional major to a student’s program upon his/her request. The student will have to complete all the general requirements for the MS degree plus all requirements specific to either of the two majors. Upon completion the University of St. Thomas will award the student a single MS degree.

The St. Thomas transcript will list a single MS degree and both majors. The student will receive a single diploma for the MS degree from St. Thomas. The St. Thomas diploma will list a single major the student must choose which major s/he wants to appear on the diploma (electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, regulatory science, systems engineering or technology management).

For Graduate Engineering alumni who have already graduated with a Master of Science degree:

The student will return as a non-degree student with a second major. (For example, Regulatory Science graduates would return with a second major of Systems Engineering.) When the student completes the requirements for the second major, the University of St. Thomas will note on the transcript that the student has completed the requirements for that major. The additional major will be added to the transcript, but St. Thomas will not post a second degree nor give the student a second diploma.

Completion of an MS degree with a double major may require the student to take more classes than if s/he had a single major. 


Please contact the Graduate Engineering department at 651-962-5500 to speak with an advisor or email gradengineering@stthomas.edu if you are considering double majoring.