Why Complete Your Master's Degree Program at the University of St. Thomas?

At the University of St. Thomas, you'll learn from professors who are industry experts, within a hub for technology innovation. The Twin Cities is home to over 150 tech companies and 17 Fortune 500 companies. These employers are within 15 minutes of campus. In class, you'll work on problems that workplaces are tackling today. And our connections help international students start careers. Most international students begin working in industry after two semesters of study.

Completing your master's degree program at the University of St. Thomas - Minnesota is affordable. The average annual tuition, fees and living expenses here is $27,000 for international students. See further details on the I-20 (PDF form).

Jobs in technology in Minnesota show a very promising future. 

DocuMNtary: The Story of Tech in Minnesota (49 min.)

Minnesota Is The Place To Be For Tech Jobs. (Aired April 2017.)

Learn more about the future of tech and Tech Jobs in Minnesota in this 04.02.2017 WCCO radio interview with Professor Brad Rubin and DocuMNtary Founder Nick Roseth. (18 minutes)

There are many great things to do in Minnesota.

Here are a few:

  • Theatrical, dance, and orchestral performances
  • Music concerts by well known artists and celebrities
  • Art museums and shows
  • Major league baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and hockey sports teams
  • 10,000+ fresh water lakes and beaches to enjoy swimming, fishing and water recreation in summer
  • Indoor and outdoor water parks
  • Skiing, ice skating, sledding and ice fishing in the winter
  • Many types of restaurants and bars for great food and dancing
  • Diverse places of worship
  • Shopping (Mall of America, and many more)
  • Hiking, rollerblading, skateboarding and bicycling in city, state and county parks

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