Registration Instructions - Graduate Engineering

Returning Students: 

If you a returning student who has not taken a class for more than one year, you need to contact us to have your account returned to an Active Status. Please call 651-962-5500 or email Please include your St. Thomas ID in all correspondence.

Step-by Step How-to Register:

  • Register online via the St. Thomas Murphy Online and Classfinder Systems. Contact Graduate Engineering at 651-962-5500 if you need assistance.
    • Assemble the CRN numbers for the classes you wish to take from  ClassFinder.  Select the Term and select School of Engineering under School. Then click on "ETLS".
    • Log into Murphy Online using your St. Thomas username and password.
    • Select Student Services
    • Click on Registration
      • Select Term that you are registering for.  
      • Add or Drop Class
        • Enter the CRN of the classes you wish to register for and submit  

  • If the class you want to take is full:

    WAITLIST POLICY INFORMATION – updated 10/31/2019

    An important update to the waitlist process and procedures has been implemented for all graduate courses in the School of Engineering (ETLS) and Graduate Programs in Software (SEIS courses):

    • After registration opens, if you want to be waitlisted for a section of a course that is full, you can waitlist yourself right away in Murphy Online.  You will receive an email confirming your waitlist status.

      • Once waitlisted, you can monitor your waitlist position(s) in Murphy Online by viewing your Student Detail Schedule.
      • You can “drop” (remove) yourself from a waitlist at any time in Murphy Online.
      • You can be waitlisted for a maximum of FOUR (4) different sections (CRNs) at any time, which could include more than one section of the same course.

    • About two weeks after registration opens, we will activate automated waitlist communications and processing, and notify all students that it is running.

      • If you are on a waitlist, be sure to check your St. Thomas student email regularly, or have it forwarded to an email that you do check frequently.
      • When the system finds an open seat in a class, and you are the next person on the waitlist, you will receive an automated email to inform you that a seat is available.
      • YOU MUST TAKE ACTION by the deadline noted in the email – you will NOT be automatically registered.  Initially, you will have 72 hours to log into Murphy Online and register yourself for the section.
        (You may need to first drop any course with a schedule which conflicts with the waitlisted course you are trying to add, or if you are over your maximum credits allowed.)
      • About two weeks before the start of each term, the deadline to register for a section will be reduced to 24 hours from the time of notification, to ensure seats are not going unused in the highest demand classes.
        (All students will be notified when the deadline changes to 24 hours for sections in the approaching term.)
      • If you no longer want the seat, please go in and drop yourself from the waitlist, so the next person on the list can be notified.

    • REMINDER: If you take no action by the stated deadline in the notification email (72 or 24 hours from notification), you forfeit your opportunity and the system will remove you from the waitlist. The next person on the list will be notified immediately.

      • If automatically removed from a waitlist, you can add yourself back, but you will be at the end of the list.

    Students who are on a waitlist are NOT registered and they may not attend class. Only students who are officially registered may attend the class. A student cannot receive credit for the course unless he/she is officially registered.

    Instructors cannot modify the waitlist; they cannot give a student permission nor surpass a waitlist. The Graduate Student Services staff manage waitlists. 

Other Details in the Registration Process: 

  • Contact your advisor if you need assistance choosing a course.  
  • Hold on your record?  Check Murphy Online and call with questions. Contact the Business Office at 651-962-6600 for any financial related hold, or Graduate Engineering at 651-962-5500 if you are unsure who placed the hold on your record. 
  • Check the prerequisites for all courses.  Make sure you have satisfied any prerequisite listed in the schedule for each course you choose.  You will not be able to register for the course if you have not satisfied the prerequisites.

Important Information about dropping a class: 

In the event you must drop a class, it is important to be aware of the Refund Schedule since refunds are issued on a declining scale. If you have any questions, contact us at 651-962-5500.  All requests to drop a class after the semester has started must be submitted via email to Graduate Student Services at .  The date and time of the email will mark the effective drop date.