ETLS 800-899: Specialized, Advanced and Final Graduate Course Descriptions

ETLS 808 Capstone Course

The ETLS 808 Capstone Course has been replaced by ETLS 858.

ETLS 810 Advanced Controls

This class is a continuation of ENGR 410 - Control Systems and Automation. Topics include State Space Modeling, optimal controllers, Linear Quadratic Gaussian control and Kalman filters.

ETLS 815 Leadership and Technology

This course is designed to offer students a framework from which to approach the following observations:
Technology mediates human connections, any new technology inherently carries leadership challenges and change dynamics, understanding and using specific analytical frames will offer ways to make sense out of the often contradictory nature of techno-effects. The purpose of this course is to provide each student both a "hand-on" feel for the mediating effects of technology, and a clear set of analytical frames from which they can make sense of their own technological challenges, both personal and institutional.

ETLS 840 Technology Transfer/Contemporary Problems

The rewards of technology transfer can be great, yet few have a comprehensive understanding of the subject. This course provides a broad understanding of the process of technology transfer including strategic fit, identification and selection of technology, licensing, structuring the transfer, and practical problems of implementation. The course is conducted in a seminar format, with experienced technology transfer guest speakers and hands-on use of the Internet and other resources for locating technology sources. Students will survey their companies, write a proposal for technology transfer, and develop a personal technology transfer network.

ETLS 841 Lean Six Sigma

This course number has been changed to ETLS 640.

ETLS 851 Enterprise Information Systems

This course examines the requirements and needs of companies and other organizations for operating information and, in particular, the capabilities of automated systems to manage, analyze and deliver this information. A review will be made of information system vendors that provide an integrated approach to information management including software features and equipment requirements. Systems that provide these features are typically referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) systems. The process and techniques of assessing, designing, evaluating, selecting and implementing enterprise information systems in order to develop and establish a repeatable organization methodology for this process is actively studied and applied.

The importance of process flow documentation and change management are studied in relation to successful enterprise information system implementation. Preparing requests for vendor proposals and analyzing vendor responses to choose a supplier are also studied. Topics include sales quotation and order processing, purchasing, manufacturing resource planning, shop floor control, inventory control, capacity planning, job shop and repetitive manufacturing, quality control, master scheduling, financial accounting and cost control, human resource management, logistics, engineering operations and E-commerce as they relate to automated information systems. 

Prerequisites: ETLS 505 Managerial Accounting and Performance Management and ETLS 601 Program/Project/Team Management

ETLS 852 Technology Risk Management

The objective of this course is to help the student identify and understand elements of uncertainty in assessing business risks associated with technological and social change. This course focuses on examples from business ventures and from new products arising from changing market demands. Students will be required to prepare a risk assessment for an existing venture, new product or large engineering project and to describe ways risks can be managed to improve the chance of long term business success including a competitive return on invested capital.

ETLS 853 Managing Intellectual Property

An introduction to intellectual property concepts, focusing on patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, and emphasizing their role in strategic management.

ETLS 855 Implementing Innovation

The primary goal of this course is to assist the student in becoming an effective leader who makes innovation happen. Students will develop the ability to understand the innovation process and gain skills at leading an innovation project. The course objectives are to increase the students’ ability to 1) think broadly like an executive 2) build allies and supporters 3) communicate with people from a broad range of backgrounds 4) become a better communicator and advocate for getting acceptance of new technology in their company and 5) demonstrate courage and passion in a business setting. 

The course will be conducted in a seminar format using readings, role-playing, presentations, video recording and individual and team practice. Everyone will be expected to be prepared and actively participate in each class session.

ETLS 858 Engineering Capstone

The Engineering Capstone course provides graduating Masters students with a long-term perspective on the rapidly-changing face of global industry and technology, and familiarizes class members with important concepts pertaining to developing company strategy and attaining company objectives.  The course emphasizes personally understanding issues of leadership and ethics in a global environment, and the impact of technical considerations in the context of a global society. Students will integrate concepts and ideas from their previous coursework and experiences into a cohesive body of knowledge, building on an awareness of 21st Century issues. An intended deliverable is that each student will personalize "the right questions to ask" for lifelong learning. In so doing, they will continue to optimize their effectiveness in the challenging global economy of today and tomorrow. 

Prerequisite: To register, students must be within six credits of completing their degree (excepting the Capstone) and have no grades of Incomplete.

ETLS 880 – Regulatory Science Project

Individual study of a research project appropriate to the student’s program and mutually agreed upon by the faculty advisor, the student, and program director. 

Prerequisite: Faculty advisor and Program Director approval.

ETLS 881 – Engineering Project I

Individual study, preparation of a report, and successful defense of an engineering project mutually agreed upon by the faculty advisor, the student, and program director. Students are required to complete two consecutive semesters.

Prerequisite: Faculty advisor and Program Director approval.

ETLS 882 – Engineering Project II

Individual study, preparation of a report, and successful defense of an engineering project mutually agreed upon by the student and the program director. 

Prerequisite: ETLS 881