Mission, Vision and Values

The School of Engineering participates fully in the University of St. Thomas' commitment to service in the world community while maintaining close personal interaction among faculty and students within its own learning community. The school's more specific statements of mission, vision and values follow:


  • We provide an applied, values-based learning experience that produces well-rounded, innovative engineers and technology leaders who have the technical skills, passion, and courage to make a difference.


  • To be the school of choice for applied engineering and technology leadership education enabling graduates to make a difference to the critical issues of the 21st Century.


  • There is an ethical responsibility to improve the quality of life through the comprehensive application of engineering.

  • A values-based, multi-disciplinary approach to engineering takes on greater significance as new scientific discoveries and breakthroughs occur.

  • An understanding of science and technology is required for competent decision making in business, government, and diplomacy.

  • In keeping with the Catholic tradition, we are attentive to the development of the whole person as leader and engineer.