University of St. Thomas School of Engineering– a KEEN Consortium Member

The University of St. Thomas is a proud member of the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) and has become a KEEN partner with over 36 colleges and universities across the United States. As such, we are dedicated to transforming our undergraduate engineering programs with the entrepreneurial mindset to elevate America’s engineering workforce and economy. 

As the KEEN web site states, “Engineers equipped with this mindset understand the bigger picture, can recognize opportunities, evaluate markets, and learn from mistakes to create value for themselves and others.”

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 2. Why Entrepreneurial Mindset Matters

Faculty Collaboration

St. Thomas’ School of Engineering finds KEEN to be a faculty network of kindred spirit, one which prioritizes innovation in the engineering educational experience. Not only is entrepreneurial thinking critical for the nation and job creation, but it may serve to redefine what the engineering profession is in the eyes of society. If entrepreneurial thinking skills become part of our known character traits, we may resolve some of the most difficult pipeline recruitment problems our profession faces.

Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Being entrepreneurial-minded is not just for students majoring in Business or Entrepreneurship – it is a critical mindset for all engineering students. By encouraging curiosity and empathy, the St. Thomas’ Engineering curriculum helps students learn to identify new opportunities that can create value for their customer in a way that is financially responsible and sustainable.

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You can learn more about how St. Thomas, a KEEN consortium member, helps faculty collaborate to weave curiosity, innovation and entrepreneurship into their engineering curriculum.  Contact KEEN facilitator Doug Dunston