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The University of St. Thomas welcomes your thoughts, perspectives, and new ideas for building a more inclusive community that enables everyone to thrive!

About the Office

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion develops and articulates the institution’s goals around fostering a diverse and inclusive campus community. In doing so, the Office work collaboratively with faculty, administrators, staff, and students to create a campus culture that values the unique contributions that all bring to the St. Thomas community. To that end, we seek to create a campus culture where all members of the community can thrive.

Creating an Inclusive Culture of Excellence

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will work to create an inclusive culture of excellence by:

  • Increasing faculty diversity representation by developing recruitment & retention strategiesthat cultivate cultural competence & inclusion
  • Offering campus based cultural competence programs & hiring policies that build a diverse and engaged staff
  • Developing new strategies, and appraise existing strategies that will allow the university to evaluate new and proposed initiatives that will welcome inclusion on campus, and acknowledge key accomplishments
  • Preparing students to work in our every changing world by increasing student diversity representation, facilitating cultural immersion and instituting curricular expansion
  • Engaging faculty, staff and students to explore how our institutional commitment to diversity can be a catalyst for inclusive excellence in the campus, local and broader communities
  • Leveraging The Forum on Workplace Inclusion®(FWI) annual conference - the nation’s largest workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) conference – as the cornerstone workplace DEI learning opportunity for St. Thomas students, faculty, staff, alumni, and greater St. Thomas community
  • Advancing St. Thomas diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) narrative by offering resources provided by The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® (FWI) to the St. Thomas community in the form of events, programs, and initiatives like FWI’s Diversity Insights Breakfast, FWI’s Forum Webinar Series, FWI’s website, FWI’s DEI network, and access to FWI’s vast DEI resource archive and library

Commitment to Diversity 

The University of St. Thomas considers diversity as indispensable to its academic excellence and the holistic development of its students. As a Catholic university, St. Thomas has an extraordinary opportunity, as well as a special responsibility to create and maintain a climate that affirms the diversity of people and welcomes their many viewpoints, opinions and values.

In our university community, our commitment to diversity means including, welcoming and supporting the people who live, work and study here. The university community includes those of diverse races, ethnicities, national origins, genders, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, religions and physical abilities. All provide a university experience rich in perspectives and opportunities to learn from one another.